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MAS Football

Technical & Commercial education courses

Business and administration

This is all about the performance or management of business operations and decision making, as well as the efficient organization of people and other resources to direct activities towards common goals and objectives. The program’s main objective is to learn to analyze the functions and relationships of managers in relation to the main administration of a football club

Communication management

Effective communication can help an organization succeed in a variety of ways. In recent years, the concept of Fan Engagement in football has emerged as a way for federations, associations, leagues and clubs to strengthen supporter relationships and, as a consequence, to more sustainably grow attendances.

Sports Entrepreneurship

This module aims to develop, evaluate and critique entrepreneurial skills within the context of launching new products or services in the sport industry or for entrepreneurs who are looking to flourish within existing organizations.

Sports law and legal skills

In Sports Management & Legal Skills, which has been designed for graduates in Business Administration, Law and Economics, as well as for professionals from other fields who wish to develop their careers in the world of sports; and professional athletes who, after having retired from the competition, aspire to continue in the

Sponsorship and marketing

In markets that are becoming increasingly more competitive, sport marketing and sponsorship have become high impact areas for business success. Consequently, there is a growing demand for trained specialists in the whole sports marketing cycle, both in sports companies as well as in sports foundations, associations, federations and organizations.

Sports governance

It focuses on equipping those who work in the sports sector with the knowledge and key skills necessary to develop good governance practices within their organization. You will be able to help your organization focus on its main aims while applying the key principles of Football Association  Code for Sports Governance.

Fan engagement

Fan engagement is the act of providing an end-to-end experience for a sports audience their entire journey; before, during, and after an event, game, or match. Typically, it is a two-way conversation between a sports organization and its fans. The ultimate goal of fan engagement is to build brand loyalty for teams, leagues, sports, and brands by creating a more personal connection with fans.

Social media

Social Media has become a major force in the Sports Industry. Athletes, Clubs, Leagues and Federations using official profiles to distribute their message to fan communities around the world. Social Media Platforms, such as Facebook, tInstagram, twitter and YouTube are often the first choices for updates, news and entertainment across all Sports.

CSR introduction and management

In recent years, corporate social responsibility which goes beyond a company’s legal obligations - has also become an issue in the sports industry. Given the need to have people trained in CSR who have knowledge regarding the world of sport, this module aims to provide students with basic knowledge.

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