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Unleash Your
Club's Potential

My Africa Sport's Services are Helping clubs Make Money and Boost Professionalism
Are you a club with a desire to increase your revenue streams and enhance the overall customer experience? Look no further than My Africa Sport! With our free E-store and Live TV channel, we provide businesses with the tools they need to succeed.

Register your Club

Welcome to the first step in taking your club to the next level.

Before registering your club please ensure that your club has not already been registered using our handy search tool below or check our partners page for all registered clubs.

If your club is already registered you can visit the club's page to join as a member. Approval to join a group may take up to 12 hours.

New Club Registration Instructions.

1. Enter your club details below if your club has not already been registered.

    Upload a high quality Logo of at least 300px x 300px for best results.

    Select a tournament if you are entering one of our current tournaments.

2. If you are not signed in or registered you will receive a prompt to do so.

3. Allow 12 hours for your club Club Members Group to become live.

4. Join your Club Group from our partners page.

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