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Get ready for non-stop football action with our Free Football Club TV Channels! Immerse yourself in the world of your favorite teams and players, with live matches, highlights, and expert analysis. Don't miss a single goal or tackle, tune in now for the ultimate football viewing experience


My Africa has realized that many football clubs keep losing millions of money. Therefore, we are here to help the clubs get their return on investments, simply make money from football.

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My Africa Sport & Mall


Unleash Your
Club's Potential NOW

My Africa Sport's Services are Helping Teams Increase Revenue and Boost Professionalism

Are you a football club looking to increase your revenue streams and enhance the overall fan experience?


Look no further than My Africa Sport!

With our Club E-store and Live TV channel, we provide football clubs with the tools they need to succeed both on and off the field.

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Young Footballers on Bench

My Africa Sport Consulting (Pty) Ltd is a Global Consultancy Company that was established in 2004 to offer Africa, Sports Marketing, Sports Corporate Governance, Sponsorship Acquisition and Dignity to all consumers.


Contact us at to find out how we can assist you.

My Africa has realized that many football clubs keep losing millions of money. Therefore, we are here to help the clubs get their return on investments, simply make money from football.

Our online store allows supporters’ access to their favourite merchandises and purchase electronically. We offer membership cards, replica sales, funeral covers and so much more. We do not charge shipping/ delivery fees.

The sponsor provides the club with funding and resources, in return they get the opportunity to use the brand identity and rights as part of a mutually agreed association.

Intermediaries are more commonly known as “football agent”. As My Africa we offer support to you as a player or football club when you are ready transfer, renew your registration with your current club or to sign a contract of employment.

 This sponsor gives the team its name and colours. It also enjoys the greatest visibility as benefits.

It is easy for players to get injuries on the field hence it is very important to offer relief as soon as possible. However some injuries that can get a player off the field can remain ambiguous, but, rest your case, My Africa is on the look-out.

Our digital membership cards gives football club supporters a sense of belonging and exclusivity. It comes with the access of a third-party privileges. It allows them to keep track of member data management.

My Africa allows clubs to manage their day to day activities such as player contracts management, uploading club functions, loading player passports and company bills. Rather than working manually, we offer you automation of club administration management on 1 secure platform, with unique online passwords for each club.

An e-ticket is an electronic document that is distributed by e-mail when purchasing online. The e-ticketing system enable users to make match ticket purchases and also purchase products from our online E-store.

Player management is the representation agency that is based on trust and teamwork to provide the player with the best conditions both on and off the pitch through a fully comprehensive service. And with My Africa, a club/player will be represented and marketed to bring him or her stability and peace of mind.

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mas mall marketing

Our Marketing includes...
   _ Social Media
   _ Google Ads
   _ Google Shopping
   _ Email Advert
   _ Affiliate Marketing


mas mall extra

Our Extras includes...   
   _ Product enhancement   
   _ Customized products   
   _ Individual store marketing   
   _ Store Advertising   
   _ Store design

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