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Many people have been misinformed about funeral covers. This is because of little access to information on insurance, lack of insurance culture (as it is seen as something only breadwinners can afford), and insufficient disposable income which makes it seem like a want and not a need. But, this is the furthest from the truth. So, let’s take look at why do you need a funeral cover.

1. The cost of planning a funeral

One fundamental reason for the growing need for funeral cover is seeing how expensive a funeral can be. With the economy weakening and the cost of living soaring, people need to find an affordable way to afford to pay for a dignified funeral. Funeral plans in Afica allows you to plan without breaking the bank, as you can get an affordable monthly premium that fits your personal budget.

2. Elevated stress on breadwinners

In Africa, we have family members who are we responsible for. In most cases, it is extended family members who either struggle financially or cannot get a well paying job due to their level of qualification and the high unemployment rate.

Being a breadwinner for your family can be an additional financial burden, which can cause a lot of stress. Living with stress can result in many health complications that might make it hard for you to earn a living.

3. Avoiding incurring more debt

Without funeral insurance, families are forced to take out more debt. We are all aware that in the economic climate in Botswana is currently not favorable, taking large amounts of debt for when someone passes is not advisable.

This realisation has left many of us looking for an affordable yet premium funeral cover like ours. Finding such a funeral cover ensures that you are financially covered so that you can lay your loved ones to rest without incurring more debt.

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